Clone Unit 300 is a unit placed under the Galactic Clone Armada. The unit was founded in 2678 by General Ali Krackox, General of the 1st Clone Division. The unit has at least 200 soldiers in combat on every mission commanded.


Clone Unit 300 was founded in 2678 by General Krackox on the planet Zoronad after the Battle of Zoronad. He then uttered the words which would then be the unit's motto, "Every Clone will all be one and all will be one in Clone Unit 300!". The Unit's first ever mission was above the planet Jector 10, defeating the Intergalactic Robot Federation in the First Battle of Jector 10. The unit ambushed the IRF cruiser heading for the planet and rigged it with explosives. When the unit touched down onto Jector 10, the IRF were pushed back by the GCA and cornered. The oil facilties were destroyed along with several IRF ships heading for a base. The battle was eventually won by the GCA and the IRF were defeated again. Soon, prototype clones were being made and the IRF were struggling. After a peace attempt went wrong with the IRF, Clone Unit 300 started a direct invasion of a key IRF planet, Killon. However, the planet was heavily defended so the GCA had to retreat with no reinforcments. The invasion was later proclaimed a "Direct disaster" by Master Clones of the Armada. Then, the unit had a new leader after Krackox was assassinated on the GCA planet, Tron, called Emperor Kindrud Mundi. Mundi was known for his actions on Tron and Zoronad as an "inspiring, protective commander". Recruiting, launched by the Emperor, became a sucess as millions of people were trained for the massive invasion of Killon involving 10 Galactic Divisions, 100 Clone Armies and Clone Unit 300. Later, the Second Battle of Killon took place above the planet with many IRF casualties but less GCA deaths. After 2 months of hard fighting, Killon was taken by the Clones of the unit. Soon, many battles occured in planets all over the Galaxy that made a menacing impact on the IRF. Master Clones were created and served alongside the Clones. These ones were powerful and trained better than the originals however. Then, the GCA assaulted the massive planet of Cruno, controlled by IRF forces and mysterious assassins as well. After the planet was taken, so began the purge... Order 99 was ordered by Emperor Mundi, an order meaning "All Master Clones must be killed at once". All over the Galaxy, Order 99 went as planned with nearly all Master Clones elimenated with the rest hiding out on Tron. Clone Unit 300 were then ordered to hunt down the traitors and kill them. They were all defeated and the Fall of Tron had been completed. Soon, the Galactic Clone Armada began a massive transfomation. The clones were renamed the "Lighttroopers", armor was turned from red to black, the Armada was renamed "The Galactic Clone Empire" and all Clones had to be trained agaon. Clone Unit 300 eventually was then mixed up with the 5th Clone Divison, becoming the 305th Clone Divison.


  • Blaster X1
  • Mongoose
  • Panda
  • Blaster X2
  • Destroyer 1000
  • Crusier tank

Important membersEdit

  • General Ali Krackox (Killed on Tron)
  • Emperor Kindrud Mundi (Took over the GCA and renamed it the GCE)
  • Commander Rex Kenobi (Commander of Clone Unit 300)
  • Private, later Captain, Eron Deyhan (Notrious for saving Commander Kenobi's life)

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